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Fott’s Journey

About the Book Book Description : Fott’s Journey is a family experience. It can be enjoyed in one single reading or segmented over multiple days.The story includes life lessons of positive thinking, loyalty, true friendship and adventure. Each reading serves as an inspiration of togetherness for the narrator/reader and the child. Imagine the excitement for a child as the story un-ravels and they experience the amazing illustrations. As a parent, I often looked for ways to interact with my children, within the constraints of my free time. A parent competes with so many different media and activities, it’s important and difficult finding ways to stay connected to your children. I hope this book helps you establish another foothold in your child’s world.
Editor Review : This story will be a treat to every child that reads it. It's a new venue for me but I have three kids and I know what they liked.
Language : English
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