My Books

The Journey continues with new friends , new lessons and positive attitudes.


This is the action packed story of a US Marshal, Civil war veteran, in the 1870 wild west.


Fott’s Journey is a family experience. It can be enjoyed in one single reading or segmented over multiple days.The story includes life lessons of positive thinking, loyalty, true friendship and adventure.


This book will help train the new sales person and boost the experienced sales person. It covers all aspects of motorcycle sales


Sales Manager's Helper is a list of important tasks that a Sales Manager should complete daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, when they aren't working a deal. If used, this short and to the point guide will improve results.


This book will explain how to buy a car, truck or motorcycle. How to shop and what facts are the most important. What to do if you have problem, How to negotiate your trade. Where to consider doing your financing and lots more. It is simple and short


This manual will get you started in automobile sales or help you brush up if you are experienced. It's a great help with other products, as well. Boats and furniture, just to name a few. It's a study and reference manual for all experience levels.