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Originally from Upstate New York. I moved to Central Florida in the mid 90’s. I worked in the automobile and motorcycle industry for a long time but for the last few years, I am writing. I write because I enjoy it. Career minded material because if it helps someone, that’s great. Fiction material because if someone enjoys it, then it’s all worth it. I plan on writing in many genres.


I hate to sound overly confident but questions about how to close or sales processes, buying tips, training issues and department leadership.

Experience in the area

My particular area or experience is automobile retail and motorcycle retail, management. I have worked as a Manager in those industries for 30 years including Sales Manager, General Manager, Sales Person, Training Manager


Automotive News, Aller Welt magazine (Mercedes Benz) Ford Times. These are older issues. I currently have 5 books on Kindle and Nook, Auto Sales Without Confrontation, Selling Motorcycles, Sales Manager’s Helper, The Informed Buyer and Fott’s Journey

Awards and Honors

Ancient history. Who cares?

My Award Winning Books!

“Fiction material because if someone enjoys it, then it’s all worth it”


Authoring books, articles and news about automobile and motorcycles sales, management, Processes and Consumer advice
“Auto Sales without Confrontational.” A sales book that is an inexpensive manual for automotive sales training.
“Selling Motorcycles book.” A Inexpensive manual for motorcycle sales training.
“Sales Manager’s Helper.” A great way to give your sales manager a plan
“The Informed Buyer” About getting a deal
Find them on both Kindle and Nook
“Fott’s Journey” Children’s Book ages 4-9
“Marshal Gold” Adult Western (Releasing in 2013)


Effective and Complete Sales Department Management.                                                     New, used and Finance
Start up or turn around situations
Closing for Volume and gross
Team building and Sales Management training
Improved and positive sales results
Process oriented
Author of sales and management material

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